Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom's dinner nachos

As a kid, I loved when my mom made these for dinner. I "helped" so that I could eat all of the extra green olives. yum! I made these for Jeremy for the first time last night, not sure why I never did it before. Since Jeremy loves nachos, and its a fun alternative to tacos.

- brown 1 lbs. ground beef with taco seasoning (according to pkg.)
- lay out chips on baking sheet. (Don't overlap, let each chip have its own space)
- place small spoonful of meat on each chip.
- sprinkle with shredded cheese of your liking.
- Bake in oven (at 350 degrees) until cheese is melted. This won't take long. I didn't time it, but maybe 5 minutes? Keep an eye on them. :)
- top with sour cream and half of a green olive (my favorite part!!)

I served this with my favorite salad on the side.

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Michele said...

I'm SO making these tonight... minus the green olives and replaced with black olives. I had no idea you an another blog til today! Oh and we got Pearce's b-day invite... I wish SO badly we could be there!! Give her kisses from us!