Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fruit dip

we've been eating alot of this lately.

i was chatting on the phone with my lil sis Sarah last week, and she was eating while i was talking to her. is it funny that i could tell through a cell phone from across the country that whatever she was eating sounded like it was very tastey and extremely enjoyable? I asked her what she was eating and she raved about how she had been making this fruit dip alot lately and dipping strawberries and grapes in it. as soon as she mentioned it and told me what was in it, i immediately started craving it, and me and pearce were off to the grocery within minutes of "end call".

this is my second week in a row making it. it is simple and delicious. it's a great snack during the day and an equally great dessert post dinner.

oh and if you are curious what is in this magic dip... one jar of marshmallow cream, one package of "light" cream cheese (to somehow justify that it is healthy that i'm eating this dip with fruit) and half a container of cool whip. all you do is get out the hand mixer and blend until its all smooth and pretty.

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